SCIFI Financial
Leadership Program

ENGAGE is a financial leadership program that enables participants to expand on their early academic experience and broaden their professional development and leadership skills.   Students that successfully complete the requirements for the program will earn a Certificate of Accomplishment from the Finance program.

ENGAGE may be valuable to any student with an interest in seeking a deeper understanding of business and leadership skills.  Participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities whose successful completion will lead to earning the certificate award.


Participation is open to primarily sophomores and juniors.  There is no GPA requirement but students majoring in accounting, finance, economics and/or minoring in business, entrepreneurship
or data analytics may be most interested in participating.


The Leadership program will run from October through March
during the academic year.  If you are interested, information and
invitations to participate will be made available in September.


Contact Professor Mullen for further details in Meehan Hall Office 207. 

If you have already signed up, the latest details on the program and your record of
achievements can be found by clicking on the "Participant Info" tab above.

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