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SRA Partners
Skyhawk Research Assistants

About the SRA Partners Program

SRA Partners is designed for underclassmen interested in actively learning more about the capital markets, investing and improving communication skills.  Students in this semester-long program assist student members of the Skyhawk Investment Group in idea generation and related research. You will also be required to actively share your work with the Group and guests on a regular basis.

Admission is based on your application provided by the CDC, interview(s) with current members of the Skyhawk Investment Group (SIG) and a final review by the SCIFI Program Director.  We will ask that you frequently attend SIG Opportunity Fund meetings on Tue and Thu afternoons from
4 -5:15pm, work on a project(s) directly with members of the Skyhawk Investment Group, participate in idea debates, and make investment research contributions throughout the semester.  It can be a very interesting and enjoyable experience.


If you are extended an invitation and agree to join the program, your full commitment throughout the semester is required.  You will agree to:


  • Attend and participate in a minimum of 75% of meetings held by the Skyhawk Investment Group for the semester. Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00PM-5:15PM.  Locations may vary from semester to semester.

  • Learn how to do a three-minute stock pitch and present 3 equity investment ideas throughout the semester that include three reasons that favor the investment and one risk addressing potential downside.

  • With the assistance of a SIG analyst, learn to complete one discounted cash flow (DCF) model on a relevant company and present it for discussion with the Group.

  • During the semester, be responsible for 2 macro briefings to the Group done at the start of a meeting that might include: current market data, news on companies held within the portfolio, etc.

  • Compose a short paper that addresses a series of questions about an industry or sub-sector of an industry and be prepared to present your findings to the Group.

Basic Requirements

Business-major applicants must have completed BUS320 (Corporate Finance).  Non-business majors that have not taken BUS320 should have taken both ECO 176 (Microeconomics) and ECO 178 (Macroeconomics) and preferably one upper-level course relevant to the capital markets.


Applicants seeking consideration for the spring semester should submit a CDC provided application form, a resume (reviewed by the CSC before submission) and written responses to questions in the application no later than the start of the spring semester.  Applicants looking to join for the fall semester should indicate interest in the program during the spring semester, discuss with the program faculty advisor and submit this application prior to the end of the spring semester.  


Your application to this program is being made to the Skyhawk Investment Group and its faculty advisor. The group and faculty advisor will meet to review your application on an as needed basis.  You should be prepared for an interview with one or more members of the Skyhawk Investment Group prior to any final decision on your application. 


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