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Envestnet Institute on Campus

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

by: Brandyn McColligan, Analyst - Energy and Industrials

Envestnet Institute on Campus, sponsored by Envestnet and offered to students at Stonehill College, is a training program in which students gain broad-based training in asset and wealth management with an emphasis on managed solutions to clients. This program is for students looking to jumpstart their interest in a career in wealth management. The Institute on Campus is a self-paced, seven-class program that is offered through Envestnet in both the fall and spring semesters. At Stonehill, it will be a part of the Engage program led by the Stonehill College Inspire Finance Initiative (SCIFI), in which students will gain recognition from the group and progress towards completion of Engage. Students benefit from learning the language and structure of the wealth management industry, which they may have not been exposed to in detail in a classroom setting. Each class contains instructional videos on a given topic and is followed by an exam where an 80% passing grade is required to complete the class.

Jake Gremza ’20 reflects, “Envestnet Institute on Campus provided me with the insight that financial management is more than simply giving suggestions to clients. It is understanding the specific needs, wants and backgrounds of each individual client and tailoring a financial vehicle that will help them reach their goals. Envestnet helped me to realize how the material that I have learned through my finance degree can be directly applied in the financial services industry.”

The Institute on Campus interface is easy to navigate, which makes selecting classes and tracking your progress effortless. Envestnet advises that each class takes roughly an hour to complete, but that time may vary depending on how much prior knowledge the student may have about wealth management. Envestnet provides seven weeks to complete the program, which is plenty of time for even the busiest of students. An interesting feature is the “Students Toolkit” which is a resource library filled with videos, documents and podcasts that are relevant to the wealth management industry. Topics covered range from job and internship opportunities, resume writing and interview preparation. Envestnet reaches beyond the classroom and gives students ample resources to succeed not only in the program, but in their careers moving forward.

Upon successful completion of all seven classes, students will have completed the program and be recognized with a certificate from Envestnet. Students’ resumes will also be added to a resume hub that showcases students to employers looking for driven individuals interested in wealth management. After the first successful launch of the program at Stonehill, students agree that it is beneficial for anyone with an interest in the industry. Whether the student is a graduating senior applying for jobs or a sophomore trying to land their first internship, Envestnet Institute on Campus refines students’ ability to discuss the financial services industry with potential employers. Becoming well versed in wealth management vocabulary from a credible industry leader in Envestnet is a valuable opportunity which Stonehill students have seized thus far.

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